Building and Plant Optimization Strategies

ACS provides Optimization Strategies using a variety of techniques. These Optimization Strategies produce significant energy and cost savings.

ACS will analyze the original design drawings of the building to gain a full understanding of the building’s design. ACS will utilize the current control system to prepare a trend analysis of the building’s existing load profile. Once the buildings characteristics are determined we apply our mechanical and electronic Optimization Strategies to formulate the most efficient design. Taking the whole building approach we can insure the energy conservation measures deployed do not adversely affect the other system components. The energy consumption will not shift to another component of the HVAC system.

New innovative technologies will be identified to produce significant reductions in energy costs and improved system operations. Depending on a variety of factors including the remaining operating life ACS can provide numerous retrofit solutions such as frictionless compressor retrofits, chillers, cooling towers, variable speed drives, etc. ACS works with local utilities companies and can assist with various rebate programs providing significant reductions in capital outlay for these projects.

Additional optimization energy conservation measures utilized:

  • Load Analytics Demand Control: This algorithm monitors the flow, temperature and demand of the building and determines which component creates the greatest impact to deliver the capacity required.
  • Optimized Approach Cooling Tower Algorithm: This algorithm provides the coldest water available at a given condition limiting the energy to the most efficient range of the fan. This increases the efficiency of the chiller while maintaining the manufacturers required differential pressures through the chillers.

Constant Commissioning

Our ACS Solution monitors critical system functions and provides notifications when the system is operating outside of its prescribed efficiency ranges. When an abnormal operating condition is identified it allows the building personnel to further investigate and resolve the inefficiency.

System Integration

This ACS Application has been developed on open technology platforms and can be integrated with a variety of proprietary and open systems.

Optimization is a collaboration of the laws of physics, thermal dynamics, equipment performance curves and the proper equipment selections. Optimization can be performed on all levels, from what you have in your plant to component retrofits. Each building is unique and requires special attention to produce significant energy and cost savings. Please feel free to contact our qualified staff for a consultation.